GAS WELL SERVICES... reliable, confidential, professional guard services

Gas Well Services (GWS) was established in 2011. GWS's mission is to provide professional, courteous security staff through proven safety and security protocols. GWS works with their clients to provide, maintain, and coordinate all safety and security protocols to all clients, employees and contractors on the well sites. GWS is committed to quality and increased productivity by creating a work site atmosphere dedicated to safety, education, and professional responsibility. GWS employs in-house certified instructors for SAFE LAND, CPR and FIRST AID.

GWS 24-7 LLC is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured security company in compliance with all Pennsylvania laws and regulations.

Our advantages

What sets GWS apart? The depth of training and experience of our personnel are second to none. In addition...

  • We are local...and we hire local
  • We are always available...24/7/365
  • Professional & knowledgeable employees
  • Well-trained staff
  • 911 mapping system
  • Confidential
  • On-site accountability
  • First in the industry, state-of-the-art communication system
  • On-going training of security guards
  • Clean & professional appearance
  • ICS/NIMS trained personnel
  • Emergency management trained management
  • EMT's & First Responders on staff
  • Safeland trained management

Our eyes are on the future... that of our clients and of our company. We are constantly expanding the scope of our employees through extensive training and by hiring personnel who have the qualifications we know our clients respect.



    With a focus on hiring retired law enforcement, emergency management, emergency medical and retired military personnel, we aim to not only support our community, but also to proudly offer our clients all the professionalism and dependability they require for needs of the job site.


    Our management staff are Safeland trained and we are certified to teach Safeland courses to the gas field industry. Our office, in Jersey Shore, is the perfect location for classroom instruction in Safeland courses, as well as emergency first aid and CPR.


    GWS employees train for emergencies, both natural and man-made, to better respond during a crisis involving the site personnel.