The Pennsylvania Marcellus production in 2010 was 2 billion cubic feet per day, with an expectation of exceeding 6 billion cubic feet in 2012. Estimated state and local tax revenues, from the Pennsylvania Marcellus industry, close in at over $2 billion for 2012. In 2010, the Marcellus spending (lease/bonus, exploration, drilling, pipeline & processing, royalties) exceeded $11 Billion in Pennsylvania. Marcellus development accounts for over 140,000 jobs in Pennsylvania, with an estimated 215,000 jobs supported by 2015.


So why hire Gas Well Security for your on-site security needs? Because we know the business. We are aware of the growth rate and are able to expand with your needs. Our business mission is to supply our clients with the most reliable and secure security service found in the Marcellus Shale region... be it with roving patrols, on-site guard stations, accountability officers, traffic control or un-armed security guards for facility or event protection. We have the personnel, training and resources to cater to our clients needs.


GAS WELL SECURITY is constantly expanding and exploring other avenues to make security in the gas industry safer and more organized.

We believe in offering well-trained staff, new equipment, safe vehicles, secure guard stations, efficient communications systems and the best organizational structure in the industry.


Your site locations are not always stationary... pad locations change, time schedules change, deadlines change. The efficient staff at GAS WELL SECURITY are as flexible as your needs and demands. From remote mountain ridges, secluded valleys and rural roadways to urban facility security patrols... GAS WELL SECURITY can (and does) satisfy the requirements of our clients. Fully customizable services available to reflect your needs!

With a focus on hiring retired law enforcement, emergency management, emergency medical and retired military personnel, we aim to not only support our community, but also to proudly offer our clients all the professionalism and dependability they require for needs of the job site. Our guards are competent, confident, professional, respectful, well-trained and well-spoken... perfect complements to the service and image you require.

New, custom-made guard stations... fully insulated with air-conditioning/heat/electricity, new light tower generators, AWD and four-wheel drive patrol vehicles and state-of-the-art digitally encrypted communication system... all valuable components to ensure the security of our clients assets. Your investment deserves respect, efficiency, reliability, confidentiality, and professionalism... all keys to our guarantee to our clients and to your peace of mind.


Gas Well Security